Cloud Software

cloud solutions, also known as cloud computing, enhance the availability of computer based systems and resources without the direct management by the user. This means that an organisation or its employees can access different functions from different locations and computers. Although they have been around for a while, their uptake varies from one industry to the other despite their proven benefits. We explore the benefits accruing to a company from the use of different cloud solutions.

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Remote working capabilities

With the use of cloud computing, an organisation can enhance the ability of their employees to operate remotely. This is because, the employees can access the information and resources required to efficiently perform their duties without necessarily coming to the office. Remote working capabilities are a great motivator for employees and may subsequently increase employee productivity and company profitability.

The management team can access important information needed for decision making purposes in meetings, strategic sessions and investor pitch sessions with ease. This is especially important and life saving in the case that the need for the said materials had not been anticipated during the preparations. Access to this information could be the only obstacle between your organisation and cash injection by investors.

Increased collaboration

Employees can instantly communicate with each when a company uses cloud computing as a collaboration tool. In addition, cloud computing allows employees to share documents and information without the usual restrictions on size of attachments imposed by email service providers. It also makes it easier to include all the necessary staff members in a project irrespective of their location.

Data recovery

We live in a world where data can be lost with a click of button. Breakdown of computers, loss of data storage drives, infection of computers by viruses, fires, theft of computers and data storage devices can all lead to the loss of important company information. The loss of important company records and information has the ability to cripple operations in the company. However, with different cloud solutions, the company can easily recover the data, averting imminent closure. It is good to note that cloud solutions allow easy data recovery, if and only if, the company constantly backs up its data.

Cost savings

While the initial cost may be high, the business constantly experiences cost savings on projects and day to day operations through the use of different cloud solutions. Most solutions in the market adopt a pay as you go model such that your organisation will only pay for the features required for its operation. This can even be cutomised further to meet specific needs in the organisation. The pay as you go model enhances cost efficiency and savings over time.


As a company grows, its data storage and handling needs also change. Cloud solutions allow the business to scale or downgrade the solutions as the departments and the businesses grow over time. This means that the business can pay for what they need now and upgrade later as the needs increase or change.

The uptake of different cloud computing solutions is projected to increase with each passing year due to the immense benefits of their use. As an organisation, adopting these solutions also has the ability to increase your competitive edge and therefore market share. It is therefore advisable to take up a customised package for your organisation.